Alfred Bader

Alfred Bader Sixty-year ACS member, Alfred Bader, has been recognized for a notable career that includes founding Aldrich Chemical and being a preeminent collector of Old Masters art. But, to ACS, he is known best as "a chemist helping chemists," the tagline that appears on his company letterhead, and, even more, for supporting Project SEED and helping the American Chemical Society to develop future generations of scientifically literate citizens and a chemist where previously there might not have been one.

Bader and his wife, Isabel, are devoted to Project SEED, now in its 40th year. The program places economically disadvantaged students in academic, industrial or governmental research settings for 8 to 10 weeks during the summer to engage in hands-on scientific exploration under the supervision of a volunteer mentor.

With the Baders' initial funding in 1991, ACS was able to extend the program for a second summer to students who wished to continue their research experience. In addition, the couple began a tradition of providing first-year college scholarships to 20 students each year.

"I have established a legacy of support for Project SEED so that young people beyond my lifetime may benefit from this life-changing program," Bader says. In fact, his legacy will provide scholarships to students for 30 years or more through a bequest from his estate.