Dr. Arindam Bose: Ensuring a Pipeline of Future Chemists

Dr. Arindam Bose

Dr. Arindam Bose and ACS Scholar, Courtney Johnson

Forty years after finding his professional home at the American Chemical Society, Dr. Arindam Bose is still an active member and loyal donor.

“I feel I’m giving something back to the profession,” says Dr. Bose of his service to ACS.

Last year, Dr. Bose retired from his position as Vice-President of External Affairs and Biosimilars Strategy at Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development. But he didn’t retire from his commitment to ACS. Currently an ACS Councilor, Dr. Bose recently endowed a scholarship for the ACS Scholars Program with a gift of appreciated stock.

“The ACS Scholars Program excels in motivating recipients to complete their undergraduate curriculum in the chemical sciences and many go on to earn graduate degrees,” he explains, “but corporate funding fluctuates year to year. It made sense to build an endowment to ensure funds for ACS Scholars in perpetuity.”

Dr. Bose believes that monetary gifts are a logical extension of the work he’s done for ACS. He encourages other members to meet with Scholars or Project SEED students to see how support from ACS is improving their lives and creating a pipeline of future chemists and chemical engineers, especially those who are currently underrepresented in the field.

“I want to be known as someone who really loved ACS and did something for the next generation so that they too may benefit from ACS as their professional home,” Dr. Bose says.

Your future gift to ACS can support the next generation of scientists. Please contact Mary Bet Dobson, CAP® at (202) 872-6210 or PlannedGifts@acs.org to make a donation using stock or other appreciated assets.