Eli Pearce

Judith and Eli Pearce

Judith and Eli Pearce

University Research Professor at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and ACS Past President Eli M. Pearce wants to recognize ACS for all that the Society has done in contributing to the success of his career. He says, "It's my way of thanking ACS for making my career as fulfilled as it's been!"

Eli has designated the ACS Scholars Program in his will because he recalls his family not being able to afford tuition when he attended Brooklyn College. Providing scholarship support "is my way of helping someone with a similarly disadvantaged background."

Eli also recognizes the importance of mentorship, a significant aspect of the Scholars Program. His mentors, Charles G. Overberger, William J. Bailey and Ernest Becker, were dedicated ACS volunteers who encouraged his involvement with ACS, guiding him in his research and along his career path.

ACS past President and Mentor, Charles Overberger with Pearce

ACS Past President and mentor, Charles Overberger with Pearce

Eli was the driving force behind the ACS Silver Circle Working Group urging ACS leadership to consider meeting the needs of its senior members. His efforts contributed to launching the ACS Senior Chemists Task Force, now the ACS Senior Chemists Committee.


*Eli Pearce died on May 18, 2015. We honor his contribution to the chemical enterprise.