George Fisher, Ph.D.

Roy and Marjorie TessA dynamic high school chemistry teacher inspired George Fisher, Ph.D., to enter the exciting world of chemistry. As a professor of chemistry at Barry University, George imparts his passion for the subject to students on a daily basis. Now George hopes to pass on his love of chemistry to future generations through his legacy gift to the American Chemical Society.

George began working with Project SEED in the early 1980s during his term as an ACS Councilor. While mentoring SEED students involved with his undergraduate research project at the University of Miami, George saw firsthand the value of providing summer research opportunities for economically disadvantaged high school students. "The SEED experience makes a positive impression on talented high school students by broadening their outlook on science and their future goals," he says. Today, George is still involved with Project SEED as a coordinator for the South Florida Section.

In addition to the summer research programs, SEED participants are eligible for scholarships that assist students who choose to pursue chemistry in college. To ensure his dedication to Project SEED extends into the future, George has designated a percentage of his estate to endow a SEED scholarship for deserving students who became as enthused about chemistry in high school as he did. "An endowment is a long-term living legacy that will help generations of students," explains George when asked why a scholarship was his choice of planned giving options. "It warms my heart to know that I have made and will continue to make life-changing experiences possible for students."

You, too, can make a difference in the life of a young aspiring chemist through your estate. Consider establishing a bequest (percentage or outright) with ACS or designating ACS and one its programs (Project SEED/ACS Scholars Program) as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets. To explore other ways you can benefit while helping ACS, request one of our FREE e-brochures that interests you.