Gerry Meyer

Supporting Students Secures the Future of Chemistry

Dr. E. Gerald Meyer

"The future of chemistry, ACS and a viable society is getting able, young people into the field."
–Dr. E. Gerald Meyer

As a retired professor of chemistry and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Wyoming, Dr. E. Gerald Meyer has dedicated his life to promoting education in the sciences. Still active in this pursuit at the age of 95, Gerry knows that passing the torch to a new generation of scientists requires professional and financial support from current members of the American Chemical Society. "You've got a responsibility to see to it that there are capable people who study chemistry to take your place when you're no longer able to do the work," he says.

Gerry has served ACS in many capacities throughout his 76-year membership. One of his most meaningful accomplishments was forming a group of local sections in the Rocky Mountain region. Regional meetings give students an opportunity to network and present papers. "I feel I've made a number of contributions to ACS in various ways," Gerry says. "I'd never thought about a monetary contribution."

When Gerry learned the ACS Scholars Program needed funding, he felt compelled to make a gift. Gerry decided to include the ACS Scholars Program in his estate plans by leaving a gift in his will. Also known as a bequest, Gerry's gift will endow the E.G. Meyer Family Fund at ACS. The fund will provide four scholarships—two scholarships will go to students living east of the Mississippi River and two will go to students who live west of the river. The scholarships will enable the students to attend the public college or university of their choice. "Being an academic and seeing the value of scholarship and the range of kids that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to get a good education made me believe [ACS Scholars] was the right program to give to," Gerry says. "The future of chemistry, ACS and a viable society is getting able, young people into the field."