Glenn D Prestwich and his wife Barbara L Bentley

ACS member Glenn D. Prestwich and his wife, Barbara L. Bentley, have established a living trust dedicating more than half of their estate to charitable and educational organizations, including the American Chemical Society.

When asked how they came to establish the trust, Prestwich said that he and his wife considered all organizations that were important to them personally and professionally- "from the Ecological Society of America to the American Chemical Society."

Prestwich and Bentley have enjoyed successful academic careers. The couple met at State University of New York at Stony Brook, where Prestwich was serving as a professor of chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology. Bentley, a biologist, was on the faculty of the university's Department of Ecology and Evolution. Together they moved to the University of Utah, where Bentley, now retired, served as director of research for Red Butte Garden. Prestwich currently serves as a presidential professor of medicinal chemistry with the College of Pharmacy.

Prestwich is excited about the trust, which will continue to grow from companies he has started through the faculty entrepreneur program at the University of Utah. His hope is that in the future these funds will help encourage faculty members to be entrepreneurial, allowing them to take their discoveries from the lab bench to the commercial marketplace.