Ned Heindel

Gifts That Give Back

Dr. Ned Heindel, professor of chemistry at Lehigh University, has reaped the benefits of his American Chemical Society membership for 56 years. As a past president and former member of the ACS board of directors, he has worked diligently and given generously to enhance and pass on these benefits to future generations of chemists.

Ned and his wife, Linda, a retired dean of adult education at Moravian College, are very familiar with the concept of giving. They've been donating their time and resources to local and professional organizations for many years.

"Having seen the organizations that we support from the inside (as members of the board, on the faculty, etc.), we see the good works that they do," says Ned.

Two of the good works Ned sees at ACS are Project SEED and the ACS Scholars Program. These programs provide applied experiences, mentoring, networking and scholarships for economically disadvantaged and underrepresented minority students pursuing an education in the broad field of chemical sciences.

"I believe in the educational activities ACS is running," shares Ned. "They're what a professional society should be doing to promote the science and the diversity needed in the field."

Ned and Linda have chosen to support the ACS Scholars Program Endowment through gifts that pay them income, known as charitable gift annuities.

"We are believers in the charitable gift annuity route because we want to give, but it's also nice to get a return," explains Ned. It's a return, he adds, that's higher than other options available to them.

With this type of gift, the Heindels make a tax-deductible donation to ACS, which in turn pays their chosen beneficiary, Linda, a fixed income for the rest of her life. Because research has shown that women outlive men, designating Linda as the beneficiary reassures Ned that she'll be taken care of if he dies first.

Self-proclaimed "gurus of charitable gift annuities," Ned and Linda feel strongly about the personal and financial value of this type of gift.

"You can bolster causes you believe in while benefiting during your lifetime," says Ned. Giving a charitable gift and receiving guaranteed income for you and your loved ones is an opportunity to secure the future of chemistry while enjoying life today.

Please contact Mary Bet Dobson at (202) 872-4094 or for more information about establishing a gift that pays you income. You can receive a personalized projection of your benefits with no obligation.